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Trusting young people and words

Art direction, visual design and costume design are essential elements to the success of any children’s television production. The youth series Makinium – whose first two seasons are offered on ICI – is no exception to the rule.

From the beginning of the fantastic adventure where the smell of the end of the world hovers, Véronic Riopel Denis put on her hat as a visual designer. She put her imagination at the service of this project carried out by Martin Cadotte, with whom she also worked for The complicated life of Léa Olivier (Club illico).

Once the texts of Makinium received, even though no image had yet been shot, she had to be daring and let her ideas speak in order to “go into osmosis” and succeed in getting the children on board in this original world.


Very attracted to the fantastic universe, the one who also contributed to the development of the series The 422 at Télé-Québec thrives on such challenges. More so, they are the reason why she practices this profession.

Greatly inspired by cinema, an art she also knows well, she is stimulated by the strength of the texts, the scripts. This graduate in scenography at the Theater option of Collège Lionel-Groulx, in Sainte-Thérèse, in the early 2000s, “needs words to create”.

These words are the ideal springboard for developing places and characters that have brilliance. If the teams of several youth productions base a good part of their hopes on bright and stimulating colors, Véronic Riopel Denis assures that it is quite possible to obtain a bright shine otherwise.

” [Makinium], it’s fanciful, but in the motley side of the end of the world with great recovery. The brilliance is more in the characters, in the intensity of the game… It is sure that it takes visual brilliance, but not always, and I believe that Makinium is a good example. »

Approach young people

Obviously, it is essential to have great self-confidence when building a unique universe of this kind, both on TV and in the cinema or even in the theatre. But before giving life to your ideas, you can very soon feel the pulse of the young people you are trying to please.

“Sometimes I get groups together; we all have friends who have children of almost all ages and I throw ideas at them, I sound out their interests. I’m going to validate a bit and after that, I start because the image they receive must be good, inspiring, etc. “.