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US conservatives see people as either male or female and oppose ‘left-wing gender ideology’, former president says

There are only two sexes, and the spread of « wake up » Ideology in schools and the military must be fought, former US President Donald Trump said Saturday in a two-hour speech at the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida.

Trump went on to say that American conservatives believe in God, « American pride » and other traditional values, unlike « the forces we fight. »

They believe in left-wing gender ideology and toxic critical race theory. We believe in two genders. There are men and there are women. Two genders.

The former president also hinted at his intention to run for another term in the White House, saying he had won the race before and « now we may have to start over. »

He also criticized President Joe Biden, saying his watch in the United States “has gone from being the strongest he’s ever been…to perhaps the weakest, especially considering the worldwide recognition and respect. We are no longer respected by anyone.

Trump has repeatedly criticized leftist views on gender in the past and called Biden’s sex discrimination law a « mad » movement that has damaged women’s sport with « men are allowed to compete. »

The former president claimed that women’s issues are « broken with ease » by transgender competitors whose biological sex is male.

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