Trump taxes show foreign income from more than a dozen countries

The former president was known for merging his business interests with America’s top civil servant, drawing allegations of using his role to promote his private resorts, funnel federal money to his hotels and encourage foreign governments to spend money that would directly benefit the interests of the Trump family.

Its distant concerns, foreign and domestic, are intertwined in more than 400 separate business entities. A 2019 report from watchdog group OpenSecrets said he had more than $130 million in assets in more than 30 countries.

The six years of tax returns leaked on Friday show Trump received significant income from Canada, Ireland and the UK – including gross business income of at least $35.3 million from Canada in 2017, the year he took office.

That year, Trump also brought in $6.5 million from China, $5.8 million from Indonesia, and $5.7 million from India.

In 2020, his last full year in office, Trump reported $8.8 million in revenue in the UK and another $3.9 million in Ireland.

It’s no surprise that Trump continued to receive money from foreign interests while he was president. While he entrusted the day-to-day operation of his business empire to his children, he always retained ownership.

Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric made deals around the world while their father was president.

Meanwhile, previous leaks of the former president’s New York Times tax returns and required annual disclosure forms also showed the Trumps had ties to more autocratic countries, including Qatar, Saudi Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


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