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You take individuals, young and hungry for fame, who you isolate from the rest of society and ask them to eliminate each other to win a large sum.

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And afterwards, when things play hard in the corners, when there are individuals who unite to eliminate the weakest link, are you surprised all of a sudden that it spanks hard?

Complaining that there is bullying and a toxic climate in Double occupationit is like lamenting that there is death and blood in Squid Game Where The Hunger Games!

Well let’s see: the whole game is based on it! It’s the law of the jungle, the strongest the pocket, get out of there, uncle!

Close eyes

Thursday, on QUB radio, I interviewed Jasmin Roy, whose eponymous Foundation works precisely to prevent bullying. He told me about the concept of “silent witnesses”. In a schoolyard, if you see a case of bullying unfolding before your eyes and you do not intervene, you are complicit.

“Everyone is responsible,” Jasmin told me. « We’re going to blame it on the boys, but it was the production company that made the decision to put this on TV and the broadcaster. »

  • Listen to Jasmin Roy’s interview with Sophie Durocher on QUB radio:

A production company and a broadcaster who witness bullying and do nothing are silent witnesses.

But beyond what has happened in recent days in Double occupancy Martiniquecan we take a step back and ask ourselves what the fascination with reality shows is based on?

The more intellectuals will claim that it is to engage in sociological analyzes that they sit down in front of their TV to watch the alliances between handsome guys and beautiful girls. I don’t believe a word of it.

To use a culinary simile: it’s okay to eat fast food once in a while, but assume! Don’t make me think this is haute cuisine.

The truth is that it is to unplug the brain that thousands of people watch these shows.

Do you remember a few years ago when the competitors ofDouble occupation had taken a general knowledge quiz about Quebec? It was distressing! No knowledge of local artists. And some had been unable to name… the capital of Quebec.

It’s as if we were recruiting candidates from among the most ignorant participants in Guy Nantel’s vox pop.

We don’t ask them to be Nobel Prize winners or Ph.D.s, but is it too much to ask that they be able to make a complete sentence – subject, verb, object – without getting bogged down in their vocabulary?

  • Listen to the interview with Jean Baillargeon, strategic communications consultant on Sophie Durocher’s show broadcast live every day at 3:18 p.m. via QUB-radio :

Keep fit

Participants ofOD receive « training ». Before the adventure, they were entitled to training on consent with Léa Clermont-Dion.

Because of the bullying scandal, we know that they will receive “training on non-violent communication”, given by India Desjardins and a teacher from UQAM.

Allow me to doubt the real impact of these trainings.

We may give them all the training in the world, we cannot inject common sense into candidates who do not have any.


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