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Trash radio, more… |  The Journal of Montreal

There is nothing like writing about junk radio to get a perfect representation of what this scourge generates in terms of hatred and stupidity.

I wrote on Sunday that the tottering reign of trash radio could well come to an end in Quebec, with the imminent departure of “Jeff” Fillion from the airwaves of Radio X.

At least we can hope for the end of this bad chapter, a great nuisance for Quebec, a city that has evolved and deserves better.

But beware: for the disciples of Fillion, there is no discussion or argument that holds.

Reflection, analysis and nuance are not part of their world. It is worrying.

Insults and violence

The hateful messages sent out by junk radio advocates are not only replete with gratuitous insults and nameless violence, they are also riddled with spelling mistakes and composed of phrases that sometimes make no sense.

The comments made in these messages are obviously not, like the host they revere, in intellectual rigor.

We find in these messages everything that will never advance our society or even any idea that can make sense. This is to tell you how low it flies…

Never mind the facts and the science, these little bullies hidden behind their screens know what’s good and how to think.

They use Trumpist language and speak of “media” to qualify the traditional and reliable media.

Limits imposed

A station host, past champion in the bullying digital for years, wondered at the end of the week: “When will Karine end? Does she have compromising photos of her bosses to keep her job despite the insignificance of her ALL (sic) texts for years? »

It’s the kind of degrading remarks that make us wonder why RNC Media, owner of the station, keeps this type of individual on the air.

Fortunately, the limits imposed by case law now exist, because the urge to slip is never far away for trash radio. A real shame for Quebec.