Traffickers closely watched this fall

Are there more narcotics in Quebec or are the police more present? One thing is certain, drug traffickers in the region have had a hard time in recent months, as the authorities have gone into overdrive, after more than two years of the pandemic, to crack down on the black market.

“The pressure brought about by confinement and the pandemic has caused the consumption of narcotics, especially methamphetamine, to skyrocket,” says Roger Ferland, ex-investigator for the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ).

According to a non-exhaustive census of the Logthe SPVQ carried out at least 19 searches and 38 arrests in the area of ​​narcotics, between September 1 and December 21.

These searches led to the seizure of approximately 50,000 methamphetamine tablets, 104 kg of cannabis, 660 grams of cocaine, 500 oxycodone tablets, 1,000 cannabis plants and $128,000 in cash.

More than 60 cell phones, 53 “wax pens”, a few firearms and handguns of all kinds, five vehicles, as well as a few grams of hashish, oil and cannabis edibles, were also obtained during these operations.

Tip of the Iceberg

Although the SPVQ declined to comment on the matter, The newspaper noted that it was a strong comeback of the police force on this ground after two quieter years, due to the pandemic.

By way of comparison, 28 people directly or indirectly linked to drug or cannabis trafficking were arrested over this same period, for the combined years of 2020 and 2021, if we rely on the data released by the police of Quebec.

Despite this significant increase in interventions in this area, it would only be the tip of the iceberg, according to Mr. Ferland. Organized crime, which would remotely manage the traffic in the region by collecting a sales tax, is far from being affected.

« When we talk about the flow of about 2 million pills of methamphetamine and 100 kg of cocaine in Quebec in one month, we are far from the mark, » he says.

To do the housework

The 38 arrests in three months are still interesting for the authorities since they allow them to work the field and better know the players who sell the goods.

“And it allows you to clean up your yard to avoid losing control, even if you rarely reach the snake’s head and it is impossible to completely stop the phenomenon,” explains Mr. Ferland.

For the former investigator, it would be possible to improve the efficiency of the squads dedicated to drug trafficking by allowing them to finance themselves with the money and goods they seize from the traffickers.

Traffickers caught red-handed

Fall 2022

  • 38 arrests
  • $128,000
  • 104kg cannabis
  • 660 grams of cocaine
  • 50,000 methamphetamine tablets
  • 1000 cannabis plants
  • 302 grams of hashish
  • 500 oxycodone tablets
  • 53 “wax pen”
  • 45ml cannabis oil
  • 12 grams of edible cannabis derivatives
  • 2 fire arms
  • 3 bladed weapons prohibited

Fall 2021

  • 9 arrests
  • $180,000
  • 3.4kg cannabis
  • 4kg of cocaine
  • 160 grams of cannabis wax
  • 1 prohibited firearm

Fall 2020 *

  • 19 arrests
  • $43,300
  • 1000 methamphetamine tablets
  • 300 grams of cocaine
  • 450 cannabis plants
  • A certain amount of hashish
  • 2 fire arms

* Data is missing concerning seizures of a operation which has led to 11 arrests.

Source: According to data from the Service de police de la Ville de Québec, compiled by The newspaper, between 1er September and December 21 each year

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