Towards the greening of Ahuntsic College

Collège Ahuntsic has adopted an institutional greening policy, with the aim of integrating environmental education and eco-citizenship in all of its spheres of activity.

The policy applies to the entire college community so that it contributes to the achievement of various objectives that the educational institution has set itself. These include achieving carbon neutrality for the college’s activities, promoting sustainable mobility solutions and eco-responsible management of its resources such as cloud computing, water and energy, for example.

Collège Ahuntsic has also signed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Agreement, a document that commits the higher education sector to achieving sustainable development goals.

« Social justice is thus at the heart of the College’s environmental approach, as stipulated in its Institutional Greening Policy, » the institution said in a press release. It is therefore urgent to demystify the links between social justice and climate action.”

The college’s greening policy will be updated every five years. However, no timetable is mentioned for the achievement of the objectives indicated therein.

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