Tourist offensive to counter the greyness of autumn

For a second consecutive year, Destination Québec cité announces the return of two initiatives to extend the tourist season.

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Stay in bed, which offers a 2nd night at 50%, in hotels in the region, for a stay between November 1 and December 15, 2022, and Passeport Québec cité, which allows you to save 30% or 40% %, by visiting different attractions, are back.

“We recorded exceptional results last year, when we generated nearly 80,000 overnight stays. November is a slow time for us. We are very satisfied with the summer we experienced, but we wanted to continue to sustain our momentum,” said Robert Mercure, director of Destination Québec cité.

“There are still unknowns in the market with COVID and the recession. We wanted to continue to strengthen growth, including the slack period, to end the year well,” he added.

These products, launched last year, are in addition to a promotional campaign to sell winter to tourists by encouraging them to come and visit us even in low season.

The costs of these two offensives amount to $2 million, as opposed to the $7.5 million granted last year.

“We don’t have the same budgets as in the context of recovery like last year during the pandemic, but we wanted to continue to push during the slow periods like in November,” said Mr. Mercure.

“In general, the summer has been great, but for sure the shortage for some people in the industry has been difficult. To maximize their profitability and cost inflation, we wanted to support them in November, when things slow down a little bit,” he continued.

The Passeport Québec cité program aims to encourage visits to tourist attractions, participation in festivals and events, and the discovery of restaurants. Two packages are available, those grouping three or four companies. Interested persons can obtain their passport from November 1 to December 18.

During the first deployment of the Stay at Bed initiative, nearly 80,000 overnight stays were generated.

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