Top Russian oil executive dies, reports suggest suicide


MOSCOW (AP) — The chairman of the board of directors of Russia’s largest private oil company, Lukoil, died on Thursday with Russian news agencies citing sources saying he fell from a hospital window in what could have been a suicide.

A Lukoil statement said Ravil Maganov « died after a serious illness », but did not give further details.

According to Russian reports, his body was found on the grounds of the Central Clinical Hospital, where Russia’s political and business elite are often treated. He appears to have fallen from a sixth-story window, according to reports.

State news agency Tass quoted an unnamed police source as saying Maganov committed suicide and was admitted to hospital after suffering a heart attack. The RBK news site also said police were investigating the possibility of a suicide.

Lukoil was one of the few Russian companies to publicly call for an end to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, calling in March for an « immediate cessation of armed conflict ».

The Associated Press


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