Too many construction sites in Montreal, according to the opposition

The official opposition in Montreal is calling for better coordination of construction sites in the metropolis, believing that the municipal administration has broken a promise in this regard.

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During the election campaign, the party of Mayor Valérie Plante promised a “revolution for construction sites and mobility”, and concretely proposed to set up, in its first six months in power, a “Summit of construction sites”.

“The administration has had ample time to deliver on their promise and implement the AG’s recommendations. Neither was realized. It’s a broken promise,” denounced Alain DeSousa, opposition infrastructure critic.

Last May, the Auditor General (AG) of the City, denounced, in its annual report, a lack of coordination in the management of work in the streets of the metropolis. In addition to the City of Montreal, several organizations can set up work sites, although these are not listed by the municipal administration.

A situation that the opposition wants to see changed. The party would like the construction sites in progress to be listed in a common database. Currently, the Info-Works application only lists the sites set up by the City-Centre. Those of the STM, Hydro-Québec or any other organizations are therefore not noted there.

“In 2022, with all the technologies available, it remains inconceivable that Montrealers cannot have access to more precise information in real time,” said Mr. DeSousa.

To illustrate his point, he summoned the media to Plamondon Avenue, near Décarie Boulevard, where construction sites not listed by Info-Travaux are being held.

“There is not a street that is not blocked or another near here, and it is a representative sample for the whole island”, illustrated Mr. DeSousa.

Alongside him, former traffic reporter Rick Leckner believes the situation has reached a “peak”.

“There is a pandemic of circulations and orange cones. The population is taken hostage. Mobility does not exist in Montreal,” he said.


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