‘Too close for comfort’: Some Fort McMurray residents on fire near homes – Edmonton

Some Fort McMurray residents have been nervous in recent days following a wildfire that burned near some homes.

« It was 100 feet from the row of houses on McKinlay Crescent, » said Fort McMurray resident Billy Martin.

« You can see it from your house and it’s way too close to be comfortable, » added Fort McMurray resident Dave Scantland.

Scantland lives on the north side of Fort McMurray where fire crews and helicopters battled a blaze that started on Tuesday.

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« Anyone who has property around, it makes us nervous because you can see the flames, » Scantland said.

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According to Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Fire Chief Jody Butz, who posted a video online Thursday, he said it was one of five man-made fires this week that have started in the region.

“The conditions we are experiencing are extremely dry right now and foliage has fallen from the trees creating an above average wildfire risk in our area,” the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Fire Chief said. , Jody Butz.

Martin was working nearby when he spotted the flames.

« The winds picked up around two in the afternoon and it got pretty scary for a while, especially for the residents of Walnut Crescent, McKinlay Crescent Morgan Heights, which is the same row of houses that was burnt down in the 2016 fire, » Martin said.

Both Martin and Scantland said the site of seeing a fire so close to homes brings back terrifying memories of the 2016 blaze that charred much of the area.

“Many of us are traumatized by it and many of us suffer from post-traumatic stress when we hear a helicopter at our regular duties,” Scantland said.

“I know a few people who packed up and evacuated as a precaution,” Martin said.

While crews were able to contain the blaze from Saturday, cooler temperatures resulted in thick smoke.

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« It got really smoky to the point where they actually closed a few roads, like no visibility, » Martin said.

Martin said the conditions aren’t ideal, but luckily that’s nothing compared to the devastation of 2016.

A terrible fire still keeps many residents on high alert.

« We have to look with our own eyes to determine the threat, » Scantland said.


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