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Tom Hanks reunites with “Wilson” from “Cast Away”

Fans of “Cast Away,” the 2000 survival drama starring Tom Hanks, must have been happy to see the actor throw the first pitch on the Cleveland Guardians’ opening day on Friday.

The film features Hanks as a FedEx systems analyst who is stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes. As he struggles to survive on the island alone, he begins to use a Wilson Sporting Goods volleyball as a confidant, drawing a smiley face in his own bloody handprint on the ball.

Twenty years after the film’s release, the Oscar-winning actor took the bloody volleyball to the court, as seen in a video posted by the Cleveland Guardians.

“As you join Tom, please welcome his former ‘Cast Away’ co-star,” an announcer said in the video. “It’s Wilson, volleyball!”

After a brief detour to catch Wilson after rolling, Hanks handed the ceremonial pitch to Larry Doby Jr., whose father was the American League’s first black player, shortly after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the majors, according to a Major League Baseball press release.

The actor has been a long-time Cleveland baseball fan, according to MLB.

Unfortunately, Hanks’ ceremonial pitch wasn’t enough to win the game: the Guardians lost to the San Francisco Giants 4-1.

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