Today’s Letters: Take These Trucks Off Our Streets


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Get the trucks off the streets of Manotick

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Every day, more than 800 heavy trucks criss-cross the residential core of Manotick. The health and safety of community residents is affected by the number, noise and size of these trucks. They cannot safely navigate streets or intersections that were never built for their length or tonnage, or their turning ability. Sure, this route is cheaper than others, but do we want to trade lives for money?

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In June, within 24 hours, 1,000 seniors and residents signed a petition to the city to have this heavy truck traffic moved to roads and bridges designed for them (i.e. Strandherd Bridge, Roger Stevens Drive).

However, to break the inertia at the town hall, it takes more torque than a group of seniors can generate, so they bring it back to the people. On September 14, moms with strollers and seniors with walkers will come out for a peaceful, law-abiding protest on the sidewalks and intersections of Bridge Street. The goal: “Get the heavy trucks off Bridge Street.

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Come walk with us at Manotick Place Retirement Community between 9:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 14.

Montague Doyle, Manotick

Focus on teaching respect and empathy

Re: No harm in gender lesson: court, September 7.

Are schools running out of materials to teach and need to discuss this issue in Grade 1? Innocent young minds have enough to deal with than being mistaken for who they are.

While gender dysphoria needs to be addressed for those affected, the rest of the population, especially young cisgender children, do not need this confusion at a young age. Teaching should focus on respect, love and consideration, empathy and forgiveness, and the development of a strong and confident spirit.

No wonder homeschooling is growing in popularity.

Nona Nalley, Orleans


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