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Time to fuel up: Gasoline prices are expected to rise 7 cents in Ontario on Tuesday evening

Gasoline prices are expected to soar across much of Ontario overnight through Wednesday morning, according to an industry analyst.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, says most of the province will see an increase of seven cents per liter overnight.

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This will see prices in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Hamilton and Kitchener climb to 184.9 cents per liter while London, Windsor and Barrie will be among the areas that will land at 183.9 cents per litre.

“The eastern part of the country will see a shift from winter gasoline to summer gasoline, which is more expensive to produce. That is the reason for the increase,” the former MP said in a statement. e-mail.

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He went on to explain that the summer mix is ​​designed to work in high temperatures.

It’s a “different blend, so gasoline doesn’t evaporate at higher temperatures and turn into smog or create a vapor lock and run in your engine” , said McTeague.

Over the weekend, he told Global News that companies switch mixes twice a year.

“From April 15 to September 15, you’re supposed to use a different specification of gasoline,” McTeague told Global News over the weekend.

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“The specification changes primarily so that the ingredients, the mixture doesn’t include anything that would evaporate easily or cause issues for vehicles at higher temperatures.”

If you can’t make it to the pumps, wait until Thursday, as McTeague predicts gas prices will drop four cents a liter.

– with files from Ryan Rocca of Global News

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