Tim Hortons menu in Thailand is making people jealous on TikTok


The Tim Hortons fast food chain is expanding around the world, while several branches are opening their doors in Asian countries.

Tim Hortons has cafes in North America, Spain, the United Kingdom, Middle Eastern countries, China, India, the Philippines, and also in Thailand.

Several Internet users on TikTok are surprised to see the choices that are offered to customers from Thailand, due to items that are not on the Canadian menu at all.

User @michelleskidelsky has gotten tens of thousands of views in a video where she walks through the menu at Tim Hortons in Thailand.

Among the desserts, there is a maple donut with pieces of bacon.

« How does the Thai menu have a bacon donut, while in Canada it’s not available? » asked one internet user.

Others were surprised at the variety of sandwiches available in the Southeast Asian country.

The steak and cheese paninis, pulled pork and crispy chicken seem to be the envy of Canada.

“I want paninis to be available in Canada,” said one user.

« Restaurant Brands International », the group that owns Tim Hortons coffees, plans to continue its expansion in Asia, particularly in China.



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