Three Great Places in Saskatchewan to Enjoy Fall Colors


The weather may be changing, but at least it makes mother nature look good while it does. Trees rotate across the province.

Local travel writer Ashlyn George sat down with Global Regina to share her tips for enjoying the best of Saskatchewan’s nature this fall.

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Prince Albert National Park

The fall season is here. The colors change. One of the most iconic road trips to take is along Highway 263,” George said.

“Within the park is a narrow stretch of road about 60 kilometers long, and the most beautiful part is those vibrant colors that make fall so wonderful.”

« Additionally, there are two lookout towers along the road, » George added. “So you can park up, take a short walk and be rewarded with a great view of the forest as it changes colors.”

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Wascana Trails

“It’s beautiful there. But be ready. Once you go down you gotta go back up« , George explained.

“There are about 15 kilometers of interconnected loops here and they are for both cyclists and hikers.”

The beauty of the Wascana Trails region, according to George, is that the seasonal sites are not limited to trees.

« There are a lot of shrubs and bushes that have really orange and red hues, » she said.

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cypress hills

“Cypress Hill borders both Alberta and Saskatchewan and it’s a really diverse mix,” George said.

« You have grasslands, forests, and open grasslands, so a lot of different colors are happening here. »

If you’re traveling by car, George recommends driving through the west building of the park to find scenic high-rise views of Adams Lake.

If you’re up for a hike, George says a six kilometer hike can be found along this route which offers some of the best views in the area of ​​the ‘hidden’ conglomerate cliffs.

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