Thousands gather in downtown Vancouver to show support for Iranian protests

Thousands of people gathered on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Sunday before marching through downtown to add their voices to protests calling for an end to Iranian laws requiring women to wear the hijab as well as the use of capital punishment by the country.

This is the second protest this week in Metro Vancouver following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

The Iranian woman died last week after being arrested by Iran’s vice police for « inappropriate dress » after allegedly wearing a hijab inappropriately.

Her death reignited anger over restrictions on personal freedoms in Iran, including strict dress codes for women and an economy reeling from government sanctions.

Protests over Amini’s death have spread to at least 46 cities and towns across Iran. There have also been condemnations from Western countries and the United Nations, as well as shows of solidarity abroad.

On Sunday, there were protests in London where violence erupted. In Canada, a demonstration similar to the one in Vancouver took place in Ottawa.

Tammy Sadeghi was one of the organizers of the Vancouver rally on Sunday.

« We are here to support the Iranian movement in Iran, especially since women have taken to the streets because they are fed up with this regime for 42 years, » Sadeghi said.

« They fought day and night to push back the Islamic regime. »

Tammy Sadeghi was one of the organizers of a rally in Vancouver in support of protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini. (Janella Hamilton/CBC News)

Many at the rally said they wanted an end to laws that force women to wear the hijab. They also want an end to capital punishment in Iran and the release of political prisoners, all examples of the regime’s brutality.

Iranian police have denied abusing Amini and say she died of a heart attack. The country’s authorities say they are investigating.

Protests in Iran have resulted in the deaths of protesters and police and the arrest of protesters.

After gathering at the Vancouver Art Gallery, protesters against the Iranian regime marched through the city’s downtown core. (Isabelle Raghem/CBC News)

Honieh Barzegari said she attended the rally in Vancouver to defend human rights in Iran. She said she was impressed with the diversity of the crowd.

« We must stand united, not just the Iranian people. We want the world to support us. Hold our hands, pat our shoulders and be our voices, » she said.

“Human lives matter, Iranian lives matter. Iranian women’s lives matter. We all matter. »

Honieh Barzegari attended the Iran Rally in Vancouver on Sunday, September 25, 2022. (Janella Hamilton/CBC News)

In Vancouver, police said large crowds on Sunday delayed travel downtown and asked people to avoid the area until the rally ended around 8:30 p.m. PT.


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