This version of nuclear history ignores the fervor of Japanese nationalists

Ignorance of nuclear history and the danger of playing chicken with Russia, August 6

Taylor Noakes asserts that World War II would have ended in Japanese surrender had it not been for the use of nuclear weapons or an invasion of Japan.

He ignores the fact that, even after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there were still high-ranking officers in the Japanese military who wished to fight until the “glorious death of a hundred million” Japanese subjects.

Japanese officers even attempted a coup against Emperor Hirohito to force him to continue the war.

Legend has it that the recording of the Emperor’s end-of-war speech was smuggled out of the palace with the laundry to ensure its broadcast.

The Purple Heart medals now awarded to servicemen killed and wounded by the U.S. military are leftovers; they were made for those who would have fallen during the invasion of Japan.

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