They were in the eye of the dragon, find them in 2022! – Part 3

Ignited entrepreneurs, innovative products and great confidence in the future of their business: the lot of all those who have appeared on the show In the eye of the dragon over the years! Alas, very often, we were treated to only a tiny part of their history, so we were very curious to see where they were at today!

Without further ado. (re)discover with us some of these companies and what they are fueling in 2022!

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MTL Balance Board

For a balanced workout

Improve your balance in a unique and fun way and entertain yourself for hours with these balance boards made in Quebec from RECYCLED WOOD. The company offers an ecological and durable product that will please all family members for a long time. They serve well in the activation and practice of several sports: snowboarding, yoga, hockey, surfing, SUP, jogging, soccer, etc.

In November, the company will launch on the KICKSTARTER platform the new 360 MODEL. A balance board designed to master your balance 360 ​​degrees with a ball instead of a tube under the board. The best way to surf in your living room while waiting for the waves.

Using balance boards is a great way to improve balance, reflexes, weight shifts, motor skills and coordination. It’s the perfect complement for all board sports enthusiasts who want to keep in shape and avoid off-season injuries. Ideal as a Christmas gift this year!

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Advanced ergonomics endorsed by experts

KEKO is patented supports for tablets, telephones and e-readers. They are designed and developed in Quebec by renowned industrial designer Jean-François Jacques.

Using a mobile device often leads to physical pain caused by poor posture. KEKO Stand provides the user with advanced ergonomics endorsed by health professionals. Without obsolescent electronic components, these supports made of ultra-resistant polycarbonate provide durability resulting from eco-responsibility in product design.

KEKO Stand offers 2 angles and 4 positions for the comfort of better posture anytime, anywhere. On the move, he passes all the security checks. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colors, the stands are compact, foldable, light, robust and compatible with all mobile devices and protective cases. For entertainment, work, travel or culinary activity, KEKO STAND is a smart choice.

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TORO Matcha

Innovation in energy drinks

It was time to innovate in the energy drink segment! TORO Matcha provides hours of « crash-free » energy. Each can contains 60mg of caffeine — enough to give you a nice boost of energy.

TORO Matcha is a great choice for people who are looking for healthy energy drinks and are sensitive to extremely caffeinated beverages. TORO Matcha is 100% natural, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan, it’s also the perfect beverage to consume before or after your workout.

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Skilled and experienced workforce

Qualified labor available at for 5 years! is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Founded by Julie Dufresne, the company has its head office in the SLSJ region. It operates throughout Quebec and in all sectors. Since its creation, the number of retired users has varied from 100,000 to 400,000 per year – the platform is also free for them.

The Web application connects companies looking for workers with candidates aged 50 and over as well as retirees. It uses artificial intelligence to find the candidate who matches the job offer.

You may have already heard of it through its remarkable appearance on the show Dans l’œil du dragon. The company, unique in Canada, has distinguished itself by its vision of the labor market and by the design of the platform, tailor-made for retirees or individuals who do not have an up-to-date CV.

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Ocean of flavors

First producer of certified organic Quebec seaweed

What if we learned how to integrate this fantastic sea vegetable into our diet in order to take advantage not only of its wide range of flavors, but also of its many health benefits?

This is the question posed by Un Océan de Saveurs, a Gaspésie company specializing in the collection and processing of seaweed; it is the first producer of certified organic Quebec seaweed. Its mission: to offer quality seafood products and expertise in a sustainable and eco-responsible way.

A true superfood, seaweed offers flavor and originality, in addition to being a healthy sea vegetable par excellence. The harvesting and handling of this superfood from the sea is done in an eco-responsible and sustainable way. Un Océan de Saveurs is also certified Excellence by Les Pages Vertes for its nature-friendly practices. In addition, it has also been committed to the sound management of marine resources in the St. Lawrence with Fourchette bleue since 2013. For the company, it is common sense to make “ecology” rhyme with “economy”.

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The world is scone

The best – and only – ready-to-bake scones

The world is the best scone makers – and the only ones! – ready-to-bake scones for the retail trade in Quebec. Without a direct competitor, it gave the company a definite head start; his appearance on the show has therefore enabled him to make the brand exist and to gain notoriety and popularity. Imagine, we are still talking about it 4 years later!

Since then, Le monde est scone has developed different recipes for sweet and savory scones and has expanded its pool of customers, has modernized and is now ready to conquer Canada!

The scones are made with natural ingredients and no added preservatives. It’s filled with butter, it’s calorie-dense, but there’s no hiding place. The best Canadian and Quebec ingredients are selected, because that’s what needs to be done. And beyond the facts, a good scone feeds the soul and that’s all that matters.

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Omy Laboratories

Cosmetic revolution

With its unique concept and its desire to revolutionize the cosmetics industry internationally, Omy Laboratories has charmed the dragons and the whole of Quebec in 2019 and has since experienced dazzling growth in its online sales throughout the province and across the country. rest of Canada.

The company creates 100% customizable skincare designed for sensitive skin with its online skin analysis tool. Omy Laboratories is the Canadian pioneer in the personalization of skin care on the Web thanks to its artificial intelligence tool called SkinIA.

A wind of change in the flavor of internationalization and sustainability is expected for the company by 2023.

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