“There is so much more we can do”: Lethbridge Reconciliation Course for Non-Indigenous Allies – Lethbridge


Cindy Rendall, owner of Untethered Heart Counseling, has been running Truth and Reconciliation Week workshops in the City of Lethbridge for non-Indigenous people for the past two years.

« A lot of people were like me, » Rendall said. « You know a little bit and you think you’re doing well because you went to Sisters and Spirit Vigil…but there’s really a lot more we can do and we have to seek knowledge. »

Her course, « Reconciliation Begins With You! », creates a space for open discussion about cultural awareness and unconscious bias. Rendall takes her students through settler history and the systems that benefited colonizers while harming Indigenous peoples.

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“It is not easy to envisage reconciliation. It’s not easy looking at our history or looking at white privilege or systemic racism,” Rendall said.

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Echo Nowak, Indigenous Relations Specialist for the City of Lethbridge, said the city started offering Rendall’s workshop after hearing the community wanted more education.

« Cindy’s presentation really touched on history and things that we don’t really learn from a history book, » Nowak said.

Rendall said becoming an ally is a way to be uncomfortable, to ask questions, to be a supporter of Indigenous peoples, and to recognize that everyone is on their own path to reconciliation.

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The New Reality: October 22

« We also have to take responsibility for ‘How can I walk in my world knowing the things I know? When do I speak out against an injustice? When am I working with trying to change the system? How can I do these things? “Said Rendall.

According to Nowak, reconciliation is also an ongoing conversation.

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“People want to learn and the natives know that. We want to teach, and we want to tell you our story and our story, so don’t be afraid to ask,” Nowak said.

Rendall’s workshops can be booked on his website.

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