The Vert & Or cause surprise against the Carabins

The Vert & Or of the University of Sherbrooke caused the biggest surprise of the 2022 university football season in the Quebec Student Sports Network (RSEQ), Saturday in Estrie, by defeating the Carabins of the University of Montreal 12 at 5.

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Deprived of several of their top receivers, such as Hassane Dosso and Carl Chabot, the Blues were unable to register a single offensive touchdown for the third time this season, and the second time in as many weeks, they who had scored only three points in the previous game against the Université Laval Rouge et Or.

The difference this time was that the visitors amassed more than the 240 total yards against the Rouge et Or. By combining their efforts on the ground and through the air, the men of head coach Marco Iadeluca traveled 427 yards.

“We are not here to find defeats. We have 48 players in uniform and we have to make plays, said the Carabins coach a few seconds after the loss of his team. We have over 400 yards of offense today [samedi]. We dominated [sur ce plan-là]. You just have to find a way to turn those yards into points, and we haven’t done it for two weeks. »

A scare for Sénécal

Quarterback Jonathan Sénécal was responsible for 347 of 427 yards. By passing, his favorite target was receiver Dudley Jones, who caught eight throws for 167 yards.

The Carabins held their breath, however, in the fourth quarter, when their star quarterback lay on the ground after taking a tackle just as he fired his pass. Nothing too serious in the end, since he got up on his own, in addition to returning to the field during the following offensive sequences.

“He had cramps and he got hit too, but Jo, he’s a fighter, he’s a battler, he’s a proud athlete and he’s going to bounce back. I’m not worried, like for all of our offensive,” added Iadeluca.

The Carabins will end their 2022 season with a home game on October 29 against the McGill Redbirds. The Greens will have a week off before starting the playoffs. They thus complete their campaign in third place in the RSEQ, with a record of 4-4.

A taste of the playoffs

One thing is certain: the Carabins and Vert & Or coaching groups had better study certain tendencies during their game on Saturday, since the two teams will begin their playoff run against each other.

The atmosphere was festive after this victory for the Vert & Or side, who will benefit from two weeks of preparation for this knockout duel since they will be on leave during the last week of activities. The head coach, Mathieu Lecompte, even jumped into the inflatable games, with a few players, after the victory.

“It was fun to find myself with my boys right after the match and to be able to keep the pleasant side. It’s a lot of stress, a lot of time investment for our young people, for the coaches too, ”explained Lecompte, visibly on cloud nine after the match.

However, the Greens will have to repeat their defensive exploits twice in a row if they want to reach the RSEQ final, since the Carabins will want to make the necessary corrections.

“On the offensive side, the last two games, we cannot be satisfied with that. On the other hand, we are trying things now, we are evaluating the staff, ”launched Iadeluca.

“Obviously you can’t get into the playoffs playing football the way you play offensively. That’s for sure. »

The Blues coach is however satisfied with the response of his defense, which held his team in the game.

« We gave absolutely nothing, » he added. We dominated everywhere, except on the scoreboard. You have to finish the sequences on the attack. You have to get points. It’s that simple. »


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