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The total on stage with the OSQ

Ariane Moffat has already lived, as a guest, short symphonic experiences. She will live the total when she performs the entirety of her album incarnate with the Orchester symphonique de Québec (OSQ).

The singer-songwriter will take to the stage, Thursday and Friday, with the musicians of the OSQ, under the direction of guest conductor David Martin.

Ariane Moffat had tasted, with a few guest appearances, this symphonic pop alloy. With the Orchester Métropolitain for the 375th anniversary of Montreal, with the Orchester symphonique de Montréal, with Marie-Pier Arthur and Alexandre Désilets, and during a tribute to Renée Claude.

Invited in December 2019, during a concert by Catherine Major with the OSQ, she wanted a little more. “I was like, ‘Wow, I want that, too.’ I wanted to do this once in my life, ”she said in a telephone interview.

It was obvious for Ariane Moffat, when she was approached by the OSQ, for these concerts, that she was ready to dive into the songs from her album Incarnat.

“It was self-evident. incarnate has a very intimate side, but which becomes, with the strings, something larger than life and even mystical. It’s my album that lends itself the most to this kind of exercise. I decided to do a ‘Pink Floyd’ and go through the album in order,” she said.

Antoine Gratton signed the orchestral arrangements. “He was the basis of the arrangements found on incarnate. It gave body to what already existed,” she mentioned, adding that she had been walking around for a few weeks with these arrangements in her ears.

A whole

Beyond the presence of Martha Wainwright, Ariane Moffat does not want to reveal too much information about the show.

“There will also be another guest. I will play a lot of piano. There will be an encore with fairly well-known songs. I don’t want to reveal too much,” she said.

Is Ariane Moffat intimidated at the dawn of the two days of rehearsal for this show?

“It’s intimidating. I become less the leader and the person who is in front. It puts me in a position where I’m part of a whole. It takes a certain humility. The music is big and we are small. You feel it even more in a context like that, ”she explained.

Intimidated, but also comfortable

“I know now, having experienced it on a smaller scale, how to feel in this environment. It’s a big boat that moves in a certain way that you can’t stop. You have to be aware of what is going on. It requires a kind of adaptation, but this meeting, when it happens as it should, transports you even more. This big boat takes you even further in your emotions, ”she dropped.