‘The Swimmers’: Twitter bows to Netflix film about Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini

By Anita Tai.

Netflix’s “The Swimmers” is already making waves on social media.

The film finally hit Netflix after making the rounds on the festival circuit, and fans are loving the film.

Twitter users are expressing their love for the film, praising the emotional beats in particular.

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“#TheSwimmers on Netflix: between tears and goosebumps, An essential film on a popular platform. Wonderful,” wrote one fan.

Others praised the film for how inspiring it was.

Twitter users were also delighted that the film shed light on the subject of refugees and their struggles.

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The film follows the true story of teenage refugee Olympian Yusra Mardini and the struggles she and her sister Sara went through to safely cross the Aegean Sea.

Mardini fled Syria to be part of the Refugee Olympic Athletes team that competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics as well as the 2020 Summer Olympics with the Refugee Olympic Team.

“The Swimmers” is now available to stream on netflix.

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