The stress of suitcases

We remember the famous apostrophe of Georges Marchais, then on vacation in Corsica, the summer of 1977, accusing François Mitterrand of betraying the common program: “I said to my wife: Liliane, pack your bags, we’re going back to Paris! » Luckily, it wasn’t during a weekend airport baggage handler strike. Because, otherwise, Georges and Liliane would certainly have returned to Paris to yell at Mitterrand, but their suitcases would perhaps have left for a vast world tour. In Roissy alone, last weekend, it was estimated that 20,000 suitcases were stranded, abandoned to their sad fate. In the meantime, their owners have flown off to New York, Dubai or Sydney, with a toothbrush in a plastic bag. And, by now, may have already returned home. While their suitcases are leaving for New York, Dubai or Sydney. Once there, further disruptions with unforeseeable consequences may have sent them to Stockholm, Tokyo or Mexico City. And so on. Ah, they will have some, things to tell their owners, in six months, when they return to the fold, all these wandering suitcases! And first the stress, the blues, the feeling of abandonment. But also, why not, freedom, independence, the excitement of the unexpected, with no one on your back… By the way, shrinks for abandoned suitcases exist? In my opinion, there is a niche.


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