The strength of unity to defend Kai Terada, professor at Nanterre victim of a transfer sanction

We jostle and we squeeze, this September 21, on the small place Jacques-Bainville, in the 7e Parisian arrondissement, which has become the meeting place for all gatherings on education, for lack of access to Rue de Grenelle.

Beneath the banners, placards and union flags, many wear masks bearing the likeness of Kai Terada. This mathematics teacher, who has been working for fifteen years at the Joliot-Curie high school in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), is, much against his will, the “star” of the day.

Targeted since September 4 by a disciplinary procedure which does not say its name, suspended for four months and under the threat of an automatic transfer “by necessity of service”, while nothing is officially reproached to him and that his file disciplinary is empty, he has aroused unprecedented solidarity around him.

“A turn of the screw in Île-de-France”

A movement that first started in his high school: shocked to learn of his suspension, Monday, September 5, around forty of his colleagues (out of 160) spontaneously went on strike. Since then, the movement has not subsided, taking forms as varied as they are inventive: songs, posters in the city, towing in the markets, petitions…

Kai defends the idea of ​​an emancipatory school, as opposed to the school of performance. ELSA FAUCILLON, MP (PCF) FOR HAUTS-DE-SEINE

Present at the rally, Maxime Pouvreau, animator of the CGT Éduc’ Action 92 and teacher at Joliot-Curie, says that it all started with an administrative investigation launched in the establishment last spring: “We do not know why exactly, but there is a turn of the screw in Île-de-France on the question of secularism and there have been rumors of so-called laxity in our establishment. »

The main result of this investigation, the content of which the rectorate of Versailles refuses to reveal, is the suspension of Kai Terada, on the pretext of “bring back serenity” in high school. However, with the emotion aroused by this measure, the exact opposite has happened.

It could not be otherwise: departmental co-secretary of the SUD education union, defender of priority education, very involved in the Education Without Borders Network (Resf), the mathematics teacher is recognized as a mediator, a conciliator who is unanimous .

“I have known him for fifteen yearstestifies Elsa Faucillon, the deputy (PCF) of Hauts-de-Seine. His involvement in the life of the school and in that of the city, this is the reason why we attack him. Through him, it is a certain idea of ​​the emancipatory school, as opposed to the school of performance, that we want to question. »

A widely shared fear, judging by the expansion of the movement in two weeks. Extremely rare thing, it is a national inter-union bringing together all the teaching organizations (SUD, FSU, CGT, Unsa, FO, Snalc, CFDT…) which called for the rally this Wednesday.

An appeal against repression was also launched, signed by the unions but also by the leaders of the FCPE, the Voix lycéenne, deputies FI, EELV, PCF, the spokespersons of the NPA and Lutte Ouvrière, personalities like the historian and teacher Laurence de Cock, the writers Joseph Andras or Annie Ernaux, the pedagogues Philippe Meirieu and Philippe Watrelot…

A “collective of repressed national education” has also emerged, bringing together those, many, who had been hit by union repression under Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Abusive disciplinary procedure

Among these, Sylvie and Aladin, two of the “four of Melle” (Deux-Sèvres), victims of an abusive disciplinary procedure after the movement, in their high school, against the reform of the baccalaureate, and still in appeal against the sanctions who hit them. “I feel at home here”confides Sylvie, who regrets that “It never ends. The social dialogue does not work, mobilization, the trade union struggle remain necessary”.

A “collective of repressed national education” was born.

It is not Sophie Vénétitay, of Snes-FSU, who will say the opposite: “Pap Ndiaye had promised a break with the previous methods, for the moment there is continuity. But what is happening today shows the profession’s attachment to trade union freedoms. »

Will the new minister take this into account? When the delegation finally received at the ministry comes out, shortly before 5 p.m., it is with the information that there is… no report incriminating Kai Terada, but that the final decision is in any case up to the rectorate of Versailles – where the teacher must be received this Thursday, at 6 p.m., with a new gathering scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Hoping that by then, the administrative authority will have realized that the ball is in his court to “bring back serenity” in the Joliot-Curie high school…


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