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The statues of the great Ostrogoth Awad I

When I saw in The newspaper yesterday the photos of the statues of the organizer of the Air Ostrogoth influencer party, I thought of a rather funny anecdote about Winston Churchill.

The former British Prime Minister was attending the dedication ceremony for a statue bearing his likeness when a friend of his asked him: “It’s a rare thing that happens to you. What impression do we have? And Churchill said, “I can only tell you one thing, and that is that you look at pigeons in a whole new way.”

  • Listen to Sophie Durocher’s column at the microphone of Philippe-Vincent Foisy on QUB radio:


Madness of grandeur, cult of personality, outrageous narcissism …

It is not just the mayor of Bois-des-Filion who fell down from his chair yesterday upon seeing pictures of the statues of James William Awad holding a microphone, James William Awad in a dressing gown or James William Awad wearing a sword.

The last time I saw such an exhibition of vanity and narcissism was in Paris last summer when I visited an exhibition dedicated to Napoleon. And God knows that Bonaparte did not take himself for a “7up flat”.

“Great men who do not have their statue are legion”, said Guillaume Appolinaire. Lots of people who have done great things in the history of Quebec, politicians or scientists, authors or entrepreneurs, do not have a statue in their image.

But the guy who shouted “You must never give up in life, never, never, never, give up ”In the microphone of the flight Air Covid has not one, but four statues with its effigy.

The more I read about James William Awad and his many estates, real estate empire and loud parties, the more I thought this guy must have spent too much time reading books and watching movies.

He must have read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and he wants to recreate the great Gatsby the magnificent parties in Bois-des-Filion.

After all, the times we are living in are a lot like the Roaring Twenties. And admit that the description of Fitzgerald’s novel seems to stick to his skin: “A young millionaire living in a debauchery of luxury and who likes to display his wealth to dazzle others.” In his large mansion, he organizes grandiose parties that attract hundreds of guests … ”

Or, he saw again Citizen Kane and he wants to live as lavishly as Orson Welles’ Charles Foster Kane in his huge mansion in Xanadu. But what will be his “rosebud”?


“Man, confined by nature in the ephemeral, dreams of eternity. By erecting temples and statues, he gives himself the illusion of creating things that time will not alter, ”said Gustave Le Bon.

Hey, that could be a good motto to have inscribed at the entrance of Kevin’s “castle”, now James William Awad.