The sovereignists return to the PQ


During the TVA debate, the good performance of the leaders of a new generation came as a surprise to the outgoing Prime Minister.

The young leaders are in their first campaign when François Legault was elected for the first time in 1998. They arrived spirited, well prepared. Legault, amorphous, without a project to propose and upset.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois offered a solid match, but we expected it, like Éric Duhaime.

Remarkable PSPP

But one chef surprised more than the others: Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon. Unknown, he gave an excellent performance. With a constructive approach and tone, he was able to make himself known positively.

Faced with the caquist tidal wave that is emerging and the bad campaign led by Legault, several former sovereignist PQs are coming home. The movement is slow, but constant.

In 2018, these voters who in the past dreamed of Quebec sovereignty while building a center-left Quebec, could no longer stand the Liberals of Charest-Couillard and found in Legault the one who would put an end to this Liberal reign. of corruption and austerity.

PLQ on the mat

Now that the Liberals are down, why not get back to convictions? The dream of yesteryear, defended with modernity by PSPP, is still alive. Through its beautiful campaign, PSPP gives them noble reasons to return to the PQ, with their heads held high.

Who other than the PQ really defends independence and the project of a strong progressive French-speaking nation in America? Who else but the PQ can push the CAQ to fight against Ottawa? QS to remain sovereigntist?

New political cycle

Let’s be clear, the CAQ will win these elections. What this election announces to us, however, is a difficult second term for François Legault.

In a new political cycle that is coming, is it not relevant that the sovereignist option is still on the agenda of the debates of the National Assembly? I answer yes.



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