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The same to the same | The Journal of Montreal

Should we be surprised by Gary Bettman’s reaction after his interview yesterday with Minister Eric Girard ? Not at all.

It was even to be expected.

In fact, the NHL, despite the pandemic, will possibly achieve revenues of more than $ 5 billion, it has just signed a very lucrative agreement with the American television networks. The popularity of hockey in the United States invites broadcasters to show an interest.

In short, all is well, except the problem of the Canadian teams with the health restrictions.

Why then agree to meet with the Government of Quebec if everything is drenched in oil?

There is no professional league that will refuse the invitation to share certain projects with a government. Whether it is the provincial government, the federal government, or even American states.

There is never a more reliable partner than a government.

Right time

Bettman and his right-hand man, Bill Daly, have publicized the league’s plans for the next few years. They set the record straight in the sense that there are no plans for an enlargement of the cadres. And no team, except Arizona, is showing any worrying signs regarding the operating budget.

This considerably reduces the scope of the Government of Quebec.

However, as clarified by Bettman, the leaders of the National League know that the project of the return of professional hockey in Quebec still remains on the office of the Prime Minister, he did not take the direction of the “branch 13”.

Bettman has always prepared a plan “B” for every decision he intends to make.

He knows that the return of hockey to the greater Quebec City region has never lost its interest. Also, Quebec has equipped itself with an ultra modern amphitheater and it meets all the criteria required to obtain a concession. With regard to business partners, we know Quebecor’s involvement in the file. There are surely other companies and businessmen who have dangled the possibility of joining a group of potential partners.

But it will take patience. A lot of patience.

While the Arizona concession is the most vulnerable since members of the Tempe city council, where Coyote owners would like to move their business into a forward-thinking real estate concept, this project may not gain approval from the public. advisers. The team could then find a taker in Houston, Texas.

In the East, since a team in Quebec would evolve within this association, there is only one formation which could possibly find itself in a delicate situation, it is the Ottawa Senators.

What will Eugene Melnyk do in the next few years, or the next year? There’s still this downtown amphitheater project we’re trying to revive, but it’s a long process.

Therefore, we are back to square one.

Nothing has changed in terms of entry conditions.

It will go through the transfer of a concession.