The Ravens mascot was seriously injured

That’s why mascots shouldn’t play football.

Poe, the Ravens’ mascot, was carried off the field during a mascot game against the youth football team at halftime in Baltimore’s 17-15 preseason Finals win over Washington Visiting Commanders Saturday night at M&T Bank Stadium.

Ravens mascot Poe is carried off the field at halftime.

The mascot, which had to have its left leg stabilized, had to be hoisted into the cart by three people.

Many were originally unsure that Poe, who lay on the court for nearly five minutes, had been injured because professional sports mascots are often known for their amusing antics. But it turned serious when Ravens coach John Harbaugh walked onto the field and checked out the mascot.

Poe’s injury nearly delayed the game as the mascot was taken off the field about a minute before the start of the third quarter.

According to, it was a surprisingly tough game between the mascots and the young footballers. One of the players was jostled by a Bear mascot as he tried to enter the end zone.

But apparently the show must go on.

A substitute, Poe, emerged midway through the third quarter, prompting cheers as the substitute gave the fans high-fives.


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