the prosecution opens an investigation into the influencer agency Shauna Events


The Grasse public prosecutor’s office announced on Monday the opening of an investigation into the supposed « questionable commercial practices » of the influencer company Shauna Events, registered in Antibes and managed by the personality agent Magali Berdah.

An environment that “rests on the false”

It was the rapper Booba who filed a complaint this summer against Shauna Events. He « gives himself the means so that all the light is shed on (the environment) of the influencers which is based on the fake: fake stars, fake products but real damage for the consumer », had explained in July to Agence France presse (AFP) Me Patrick Klugman, Booba’s lawyer.

According to the complaints consulted by theAFP« there appears a complex and organized scam system, centralized by the company Shauna Events », a « system fed by the passivity of social networks and particularly Instagram and Snapchat used by influencers to promote scams ».

These complaints list several testimonials from consumers received by the rapper and claiming to have been defrauded by companies promoted by influencers linked to Shauna Events: merchandise not received and not reimbursed, non-compliant products, etc.

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A complaint against the rapper

For several months, Magali Berdah has been accusing Booba of harassment and has obtained the opening of an investigation. This concerns death threats, harassment by means of electronic communication and public insults on the grounds of origin and gender.

In a press release in mid-July, Magali Berdah accused the rapper of targeting her on social networks for several months « by false and humiliating publications ».

Twitter account deleted

Justice had ordered the deletion of the rapper’s Instagram account as well as his Twitter account. Booba then quickly opened a new Instagram account and appealed to the judge in chambers to request the cancellation of the court decision. The Marseille Criminal Court must give its deliberation in this case on October 3.


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