The proposals of the senators to better control nursing homes

A control every twenty to thirty years in nursing homes. This is the estimate made by the commission of inquiry, emanating from the Senate’s social affairs commission, which delivered its conclusions on Wednesday, July 13. Even though they assess the need for additional places at 56,000 by 2030, due to the aging of the population, the rapporteurs Bernard Bonne (LR) and Michelle Meunier (PS) insist on the need for better control of these accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people.

“If we want effective control, we need to strengthen the coordination of actors. They are taking place today in a way that is too heterogeneous », judged Bernard Bonne. For this, the senators suggest creating “a committee for coordinating inspections at the national level” which would bring together the various actors concerned (administration, social security, defender of rights) and could be rolled out at departmental level.

« Seeking profit »

The rapporteurs also insist on the need for simplification and standardization of procedures, whether this concerns checks or funding applications. » It is necessary that each director of Ehpad faces a single interlocutor “, explains Bernard Bonne, while funding can come today from two to three different sources, depending on the region.

The senators paid particular attention to for-profit structures, as the logic of generating profit can sometimes be contrary to the well-being of residents. « I was extremely shocked at the extent and systematicity of practices aimed at increasing profitsexplained Michelle Meunier. This could go as far as reducing the weight of meat served to each resident. » The senator insists: » This is this pursuit of profit that leads to cases of abuse « .

Better control of private for-profit nursing homes

The report recommends the establishment of financial controls, not at the level of each establishment, but at the head office of the groups, so as to ensure that public aid is correctly used. Until now, establishments were verified individually. In addition, say the senators, the state should “supervise the evolution of the lucrative private offer by fixing, at the scale of a territory, a region or a department, a ratio of places in private commercial establishments”.

And if these companies succeed in reducing their costs, this must be done for the benefit of the residents, insisted Bernard Bonne, and “never to their detriment ». This sector must remain « centered on ethical values ​​and on the support », hammered Michelle Meunier. Next step: a “old age law” to concretize the proposals of the commission.


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