The Prime Minister is entitled to social moments in the midst of homework

Over the years I have attended many funerals which are usually followed by a wake where family, friends and acquaintances gather to share food and refreshments. It’s a social event, where family and friends remember the deceased but also catch up with those they haven’t seen since perhaps the last funeral. There are usually lots of anecdotes and often lots of laughs.

If I have traveled some distance and stayed in a hotel, the socialization continues. While funerals are solemn events and there is sadness, it is also a time to celebrate the life of the deceased. Life goes on — and so Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who ably represented Canada at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, has a right to relax.

It’s a shame that people with cellphones feel entitled to record others in hopes of embarrassing them.

Norah DowneyMidland, Ont.

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