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the prayer of abandonment, an oasis of rallying

Following Charles de Foucauld, many groups of believers have formed to try to live his ideal. Even today, twelve religious congregations and eight associations of priests and faithful are grouped within the association The Spiritual Family Charles de Foucauld, which has approximately 13,000 members.

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These groups of men and women stand, voluntarily, among the poorest, in a spirit of brotherhood. Developed after the death of Charles de Foucauld, this prayer of abandonment is their common prayer. It is the summary of a longer text, a meditation written around 1896 on the Gospel of Luke when he was in Syria.

” My father,

I surrender myself to you, do with me what you will.

Whatever you do with me, I thank you.

I am ready for anything, I accept everything.

Provided your will is done in me, in all your creatures, I desire nothing else, my God.

I place my soul in your hands.

I give it to you, my God, with all the love in my heart, because I love you, and it is a need of love for me to give myself, to put myself back into your hands, without measure, with infinite trust, for you are my Father. »