The PQ wants the end of youth programs like La Pat’Patrouille


The leader of the Parti Québécois wants to « replace » programs like La Pat’Patrouille on Télé-Québec in order to focus on content uniquely Quebecois. Like the CAQ government, it plans to double the station’s funding.

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« Quebec youth programs are so much better, » pleads Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon.

« I listen to Télé-Québec and, between La Pat’Patrouille and programs that are duplicates of La Pat’Patrouille but with a train or another trifle… Our Quebec programs which are intelligent, educational… Let’s do some Quebec content, let’s double the budgets and trust each other.”

According to the leader of the PQ, it is time to dislodge from Télé-Québec the popular cartoons with colors and fast movements.

« The Super Wings, Robocar poli and La Pat’Patrouille, it’s all the same show », he mentioned. “It exploits that kids like colors and fast movement, but that’s not necessarily educationally sound. When you compare with the new version of Passe-Partout and the programs for older people that Télé-Québec makes, quality is day and night.

Save Paw Patrol for his son

St-Pierre Plamondon believes that these programs were conceived from a commercial angle, without considering the educational angle.

“They will be replaced,” he said. “The Quebec content space is shrinking.”

But he still intends to keep Paw Patrol on the air, otherwise « his two-year-old son will freak out. »

The leader recalls that “Télé-Québec is essential in the revival of Quebec culture and he wants to increase the budgets of Télé-Québec to $140 million.”

« They try to make us forget that we are a nation, that we are a people with a courageous past, that we have managed to emerge and still be the 2% of people who speak French in America, » he said. -he mentioned. “We have prepared a series of measures to focus on our history, to better think about our future and above all to connect us to Quebec cultural content”

PQ cultivation measures :

-Create a Quebec cultural content promotion office to represent Quebec on global platforms;

-Issue a cultural passport of $100 per year to high school and college students, as well as to all newcomers;

-Double the budgets of Télé-Québec and give birth to the “CRTQ”;

-Create a national museum of the history of Quebec and restore adequate funding for existing museums, as a priority;

-Give cultural workers real employment status.


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