The PQ saved by a thief, says Antoine Robitaille

A leaflet thief helped elect the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, analyzes the host of “Up on the hill”, Antoine Robitaille.

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As part of the political review of the year, on Qub radio, hosted by Mario Dumont, Mr. Robitaille mentioned that expectations were very low within the political grouping and that in the end the PQ was able to have three elected to the National Assembly.

On the side of the Liberal Party, the columnist and political analyst at the Journal de Montréal et de Québec, Elsie Lefebvre, found Dominique Anglade energetic during the election campaign. According to her, the latter was able to consolidate her acquired vote. However, she was not able to charm the clientele having the language of Molière as their main means of communication. “Among Francophones, it was a disaster. The party was wiped out across Quebec and she was even forced to leave it.”

For her part, TVA political analyst Emmanuelle Latraverse reported that Éric Duhaime was able to capitalize on the fed up of Quebecers in the face of the pandemic. She also recalled that the year 2022 began with the curfew Amber alert. « Mr. Legault started the year by putting Quebecers in a bad mood.

As for the Coalition Avenir Québec, the guests were all in agreement when they said that the Prime Minister, François Legault was grumpy during the campaign. “We can just say it, he is not good in the campaign. He won because the world wanted to put Philippe Couillard out and this election because Quebecers forgave him for not being good,” said Ms. Latraverse.

Finally, Québec Solidaire was not able to achieve its objective, which was to become the official opposition according to the experts.


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