The PQ proposes the minimum wage at $18/h and better respect for pay equity

Gradually increasing the minimum hourly wage to $18 an hour and reining in companies that violate pay equity are among the key measures of the Parti Québécois (PQ) to fight against the impoverishment of workers.

On the eve of Labor Day, the PQ leader unveiled salary commitments in Montreal on Sunday morning.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon wants the 200,000 workers currently earning minimum wage in Quebec to be able to earn an hourly rate of at least $18 an hour after three years of the PQ government.

The PQ also proposes to give “more bite” to the Pay Equity Act by adopting seven measures.

The political party promises, among other things, to impose penalties in the thousands of dollars on employers in the event of non-compliance with pay equity rules and to force the 26% of private sector companies that have not carried out the pay equity initiatives to do so.

The PQ also suggests replacing any lump sum with a salary adjustment, and that the retroactive salary adjustment observed be paid immediately.

It also wants to require the establishment of a committee to maintain pay equity in all companies and to improve the human and financial resources of the CNESST to ensure the rigorous and compliant application of the law.

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