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Thus, Éric Duhaime says that the “people” are with him.

According to a Leger poll dated August 24, the PCQ had 14% of voting intentions.

Does this mean that only 14% of Quebecers are part of the “people”?


And if it is true that only 14% of Quebecers are part of the “people”, the others, what are they part of?


The elite would regroup 86% of Quebecers?


But I think about it… According to the Laroussethe elite is “a minority group”.

How can one be part of the majority and part of the elite at the same time? It doesn’t stand up!

And then, at Revenu Québec, they say that only 0.26% of Quebecers earn $100,000 or more per year.

And at Statistics Canada, it is said that only 25% of Quebecers have obtained a university degree (the worst result in Canada).

So that means that 75% of the members of the Quebec elite are neither rich nor educated.

They are neither part of the economic elite nor of the intellectual elite.

But what is this elite who has neither money, nor power, nor diploma?

What does she eat in the winter?

It is not a cultural elite. It is not an economic elite. It is not an academic elite.

It is not found in banks, universities or cultural circles.

What is this elite which, according to Duhaime, brings together the vast majority of Quebecers?

Could it be that most Quebecers are neither part of the “people” who support Duhaime nor part of the elite?


Who knows ?…

These people who do not have enough money or enough education to be a member in good standing of the elite are perhaps another “people”!

A secret, alternative “people”, who do not support Éric Duhaime…

But if that’s it, if there are indeed two “peoples” in Quebec, which one would it be, the “real people”?

The one who supports Duhaime?

And the other would be the “false people”?

Millions of Quebecers would be part of the “people”, but would not support Duhaime?

But why would they refuse to vote for the PCQ if they are part of the “people”?

While the “people”, according to Duhaime, are behind him?

And why did Duhaime fail to join this other “people”?

Why does he succeed in mobilizing only his “people”?


Sociologists should look into this.

Who are these people who constitute the vast majority of the Quebec population and who are neither part of the financial and intellectual elite who run Quebec nor of the “people” of Éric Duhaime who want to free themselves from this elite who control it? for too long ?


If there are two words that have been overused for some time, it is “freedom” and “people”.

We make them say anything.

It’s like the word “Smurf” in The Smurfs.

“I’m going to smurf you”, “Bring me my smurfs”, “Have you seen the smurfs over there who smurf in the smurf?…”

“Religion is the opium of the people,” said Marx.

One could also say: “The people are the opium of politicians. »

Beware of politicians who claim to speak on behalf of the “people”.

They are like the pastors who speak of the “folk”.


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