“The Pearls”: full cast revealed

Claude Despins, Bruno Marcil, Chantal Baril and Camille Felton join the cast of the series Pearls.

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Filming for a few weeks already, the new original series of Club illico Pearls, which counts in particular on Bianca Gervais in the title role – a loving, endearing and imperfect single mother –, adds in its ranks Claude Despins, Lucien Ratio, Normand Canac-Marquis and Alex Pomerleau.

Thrown into a whirlwind, in the heart of her village on the Haute-Côte-Nord, the mother of the family will experience moments that are overwhelming to say the least. In this story, Bruno Marcil plays Martin, an influential entrepreneur in the region, while Linda Malo plays Esther, his wife, and Isaac Brosseau, their son, Antoine.

Anthony Bouchard, Jonah Bacon and Rosalie Pépin complete the cast.

Pearls, written by Erika Soucy (Leo) and directed by Hervé Baillargeon (Six degrees), will be presented on Club illico in 2023.


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