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The open doors are postponed

The leaders of the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) have decided to postpone the Doors Open activity on the trails, which was to take place next weekend. The event will take place on February 19 and 20.

“We made this decision for two very important reasons,” explains the Federation’s Director General, Stéphane Desroches. It is certain that the situation with sanitary standards is an integral part of our decision. We want to be good collaborators with Public Health, by not creating opportunities for major movements of groups of snowmobilers. Also, the other reason, which is very simple, and it plays a leading role, is the lack of snow for nearly half of Quebec, with trails that are not open. Our clubs are currently working very hard to properly prepare the trails in order to be ready once the snow is really there. It wouldn’t have been a good omen to have a lot of snowmobilers on Doors Open weekend. “

The lack of snow would also have broken the magic of the event.

“As there is a lack of snow in several areas, I don’t think it would have been a great experience this Doors Open weekend. “


The implementation of health measures has direct consequences for many players in the snowmobile industry.

Usually, groups of snowmobilers plan vacation weeks to explore different regions of Quebec. Even if there is no ban on traveling from one region to another, the lack of available services has resulted in numerous cancellations from groups that normally travel across Quebec. They participate directly in the economy of several regions. The sanitary rules that govern accommodation in hotels and restaurant services along the trails are causing many to give up.

“We are currently seeing more local trips by snowmobilers,” explains the CEO. This is normal behavior under the circumstances. On the other hand, this situation means that many community stakeholders do not have the usual economic spinoffs related to snowmobiling in their part of the country. The cancellation of the Open House weekend will also cause headaches for many. But we must participate in the collective effort to stop this pandemic. Snowmobilers must also do their part in the practice of their favorite hobby. We know our members are responsible people. “


Each season, Doors Open weekend marks the start of International Snowmobile Safety Week.

“The cancellation of the event which was to be held at the end of the week does not affect the holding of International Snowmobile Safety Week,” says Michel Garneau, editor-in-chief of the magazine. Snowmobile Quebec. The decision regarding the dates of the event is taken at the International Snowmobile Congress. This event takes place across North America. One thing is certain, this specialist knows what he is talking about. For many years, he worked for the Canadian Snowmobile Council, an organization in direct contact with the International Council.

So, from January 15 to 23, the FCMQ, the Government of Quebec and the Sûreté du Québec will join forces to make snowmobilers more and more aware of their responsibilities when they snowmobile.

There will be awareness-raising operations everywhere, with patrol officers from the Federation and members of the various police forces.

When riding a snowmobile, we must always keep in mind that it is our responsibility to ride in a safe manner, within our abilities, while respecting other trail users. Too often it is mentioned that the snowmobile has caused one or more deaths. But, in reality, it is not the snowmobile, but the human being behind the controls who is responsible for the behavior of his machine. A snowmobile cannot move on its own, reach excessive speeds and cause accidents without a human being involved. We must adopt responsible driving when riding a snowmobile, if we want to ensure the sustainability of the activity.

Too many users forget that there are no bumpers on a snowmobile. If there is any shock whatsoever, you are going to take the hit. Your body will become the bumper.