the OECD estimates that the world will pay « the price of war » in 2023

11:30 am: The OECD announces that the world will pay « the price of war » in 2023

The OECD has significantly downgraded its forecast for global growth next year in the face of the more lasting effects than anticipated from the war in Ukraine, with Europe paying the biggest bill. “Global growth prospects have darkened,” the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development wrote in a report released Monday titled “Paying the Price of War.”

The lack of calm on the ground in the eighth month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, symbolized by the recent mobilization of reservists by Moscow, encourages the international organization to be pessimistic about the near future of the economy.

10:38 am: A hundred arrests in Dagestan after an anti-mobilization demonstration

A hundred people were arrested on Sunday in Dagestan during a demonstration against military mobilization, in this Russian region of the Caucasus which has already paid a heavy price since the start of the offensive in Ukraine.

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According to the NGO OVD-Info, which specializes in monitoring opposition actions, at least 101 people were arrested by the police in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, in southwestern Russia. Russian media released videos showing women arguing with police during the protest.

9:40 a.m .: Kremlin relative admits to being behind the paramilitary group Wagner

Evguéni Prigojine, a businessman close to the Kremlin, admitted on Monday that he had founded the paramilitary group Wagner in 2014 to fight in Ukraine and recognized its presence in particular in Africa and Latin America.

In a post on the social networks of his company Concord, the person concerned said he founded the group in order to send competent fighters to the Ukrainian Donbass in 2014. born a group of patriots who took the name of Wagner Battalion Tactical Group, ”he said in this press release.

8:50 am: A Russian soldier in charge of recruitment seriously injured in Siberia

A man opened fire on Monday at a Russian army recruiting center in Siberia, seriously injuring a military recruiter, an official said.

“Military Commissioner Alexander Elisseyev is in intensive care, in very serious condition (…) The shooter was immediately arrested. He will definitely be punished! “, indicated on Telegram the governor of the region of Irkutsk, Igor Kobzev, who specifies that the shooting took place in the center of military recruitment of the city of Ust-Ilimsk.

7:14 a.m .: The White House warns Moscow of the “catastrophic” consequences that would follow a nuclear attack

The consequences would be « catastrophic » if Russian President Vladimir Putin followed through on his threat to use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned on NBC on Sunday. .

“We have the ability to speak directly at a high level (to the Russians), to tell them clearly what our message is and to hear theirs,” he said. “It has happened frequently in recent months, it has even happened in recent days,” said Jake Sullivan, who did not want to provide details on the exact nature of the communication channels used.

7:05 a.m .: “Annexation referendums” continue, despite Russian disorganization

The Russian authorities promised on Sunday to repair the « errors » committed within the framework of the mobilization decreed by President Vladimir Putin. Several cases of people over the age of combat, sick or exempted for other reasons, have indeed provoked indignant reactions on social networks, causing embarrassment and concern from the authorities.

These excesses are a new example of the organizational difficulties that have accompanied Russia’s offensive against Ukraine from the start. On Saturday, the Ministry of Defense announced the replacement of the highest ranking officer in charge of logistics issues by General Mikhail Mizintsev, a heavyweight of the staff.

This mobilization of new troops is telescoped with the organization, since Friday, of “referendums” to ratify an annexation by Russia of four Ukrainian territories controlled by Russian forces by Russia. These polls, described as « simulacra » by kyiv and its Western allies, must take place until Tuesday.

Sunday’s essential news

  • Russia’s annexation ‘referendums’ underway until Tuesday in four regions of Ukraine under its total or partial control, despite new threats of Western sanctions.
  • Faced with the flight of Russians who could be mobilized as reservists, Vladimir Putin has signed a law to increase penalties for surrender or refusal to fight.
  • The Russian authorities, however, admitted on Sunday “mistakes” made in the context of this mobilization, after the summons of people supposed to be exempted, which sparked an outcry.
  • Pro-Russian authorities accused kyiv forces of firing a missile on Sunday at a hotel in Kherson (south), under Russian occupation, killing two people, including a former deputy.
  • The southern port city of Odessa was again attacked with drones from Russian forces, Ukrainian military authorities said on Sunday, without reporting casualties.

7 am: Hello everyone, welcome to this live to follow the situation around the conflict in Ukraine, on the 214th day of the Russian invasion.


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