The Notley-led NDP will focus on economic diversification and health measures for the next election campaign

NDP Leader Rachel Notley said a government led by her would cap and freeze taxes and fees in a number of areas to combat the high cost of living.

In a speech to party members on Saturday, she said part of her economic platform includes capping utility rates, freezing car insurance rates, continuing to suspend the collection of gas tax and post-secondary tuition caps.

Alberta New Democrats are holding their annual convention in Calgary this weekend. In her address to the approximately 1,400 members present, Notley laid out the direction of the party’s election platform – intended, as she says, to position them as the alternative to the current ruling party.

His party plans to focus primarily on health care and economic measures as it takes on the United Conservative Party in next spring’s election.

“We will control prices for things you have no choice but to pay,” Notley promised.

« We will defend, repair and rebuild public health care in Alberta, stronger than ever. »

The current UCP government is offering household utility rebates this fall. They also suspended the gas tax earlier this year, but reintroduced part of it in early October.

Notley offered few specific policies, but outlined the broader platform direction the party intends to take for the campaign – which she said will be rolled out in stages starting in a few weeks.

The NDP is committed to rebuilding supports for seniors, families and income assistance recipients. Notley says they would launch a massive campaign to recruit healthcare workers.

About 1,400 members attended the NDP’s annual convention on Saturday, where Leader Rachel Notley outlined her party’s plan ahead of next year’s. (NDP)

She also said the NDP would build hundreds of new schools and launch an « aggressive » program to build affordable housing.

If elected, the party intends to steer the provincial economy around industries such as geothermal energy, hydrogen, digital media, agri-food and renewable energy.

« Our drive to diversify is key to strengthening our economy and responding effectively to climate change, » Notley said.

« We won’t pit those two issues against each other. If we do, we’ll fail on both. »

But Notley also acknowledged that not all decisions made by his government when in office from 2015 to 2019 were welcomed by Albertans.

« We didn’t have it all figured out. I understand that and I take responsibility for that. »

Notley has also pledged that an NDP cabinet will have gender parity.

Members of Congress are also debating policy proposals that could be incorporated into the NDP’s election platform. Saturday morning members passed resolutions on things like repealing the UCP’s K-6 program and repealing a handful of labor laws introduced by the UCP.


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