The must-haves: 10 exciting advent calendars

There are the well-kept secrets, the obligatory stops and those that are worth the detour. There are above all essentials of all kinds that are good to share. For the pleasure of your palates, The duty therefore imagined an appointment in the form of a gourmet notebook, one theme at a time. With December just a few days away, we thought we’d put together some Advent calendar proposals to fuel the excitement until Christmas. And the variations on the same theme are oh so numerous! Chocolates, coffees, sweets, cheeses, jams: there is something for everyone, young and old. Here are 10 that caught our attention.

The candy box

Sarah Takforyan certainly knows how to sprinkle magic in our daily lives. After launching a line of delicious and fresh gummies — yes, yes, goodbye the red raspberries that crumble in your mouth! — she is now designing an advent calendar. No wonder his motto is “Spreading happiness, one candy at a time”! From three to six jelly beans are hidden in each box, and sweets lovers will be delighted to find a selection of the company’s most popular sweets. For sale only on the web, at a cost of $40.99.

Buckle & Paper

Renowned for its pretty finds in stationery, the Montreal boutique Boucle & Papier offers the advent calendar of the New York brand Meri Meri, known for its enchanting and playful universe. Falling for something. And this year’s is no exception. With a forest of cardboard fir trees as a backdrop, it has 24 envelopes containing characters and accessories to be added one day at a time. Hours of fun for those with an overflowing imagination! Price: $48.95.

5183 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal


Want to treat yourself? This five-star option is perfect! Chef Jérôme Ferrer and his brigade have brought together several exceptional products in this advent calendar. Fleur de sel with truffles, chestnut cream, marzipan with limoncello… and we end the countdown with a bottle of lobster oil. A real gift! There’s even an apron and tea towel to adorn your kitchen chef. Available in limited quantities, at $195.

The jam makers

Nothing better than a little sweet touch to start the day in a nice way! This is what Nathalie Daguzan and Romane Jouanny, the mother-daughter duo behind Les confiturières, offer. For the fourth year, the Granby company is offering 24 small 20 ml jars of jam — enough for two toasts — selected from their must-haves and new releases. Special mention for the Christmas jam, a spreadable version of fruit cake. We also whisper that the blend of orange and spiced whiskey is to die for. All products are gluten-free, nut-free and peanut-free. On sale on site and online, priced at $54.99.

142 Main Street, Granby

wild gourmet

Ariane Paré-Le Gal had been thinking about an advent calendar for two years. And as with many projects, she was waiting for a collaboration to emerge on its own with a Quebec producer. One thing leading to another, links were forged between her and the pastry chef and chocolate maker Mathilde Fays, based in Oka. Inspired by fifteen flavors from the forest, they worked together with the Gaspé chocolate factory Chaleur B to create 24 products. Every day, it’s discovery: ganache of milk chocolate with fir tree, chocolate and cranberry fruit paste, caramel with porcini mushrooms… Fays also offers small boxes of six chocolates with boreal flavors if you ever give in to temptation to eat everything from the 1ster december ! On sale in the respective boutiques, on the web and at certain resale points.

743, rue de la Pisciculture, Mont-Blanc
(formerly Saint-Faustin–Lac-Carré)

45 Notre Dame Street, Oka

8 Blainville Street West, Sainte-Therese


Since 2005, Érica Perrot has been assembling and stuffing stuffed animals that she has named raplaplas. The pleasure of sewing — and of creating joy in children — inspired her to create a timeless advent calendar, like her creations. On a cotton canvas screen-printed in Montreal with water-based ink, small pockets are ready to receive sweet words and surprises. Three small characters to make yourself (all the necessary is provided) are used to mark the time: every day until Christmas, the little ones are invited to move them from pocket to pocket. A beautiful family ritual that keeps for a very long time. Price: $98.

69 Villeneuve Street West, Montreal

IGA and CDA cheeses

Another advent calendar that is now one of the classics: the Artisan Cheese Calendar from IGA and Fromages CDA. From 1er on December 24, twelve cheeses selected from eight Quebec cheese shops will add a festive touch to your meals. Among these, the Fredondaine (from the La Vache cheese factory in Maillotte, La Sarre, in Abitibi) and the Lys de St-Gérard (from the P’tits Plaisir cheese factory, in Weedon, in the Eastern Townships). Something to inspire the New Year’s Eve table! Available in limited quantities, at $35.99.

State of shock

The State of Shock chocolate factory has already been a favorite in these pages for its hot chocolates. And Maud Gaudreau’s ideas are just as charming in the advent calendar version! Confections bean to bar, Quebec or Norwegian creations, favorite and classic perfumes: 25 mini tablets hidden in a pretty box designed by designer Catherine D’Amours reveal the universe of possibilities. Moreover, two small compartments of the calendar offer chocolates of the same origin, but with a different percentage of cocoa. A little game for connoisseurs and the curious! On sale in stores and online, priced at $99.

6466 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal


For a second year, the Th3rwave website offers an advent calendar that will make coffee lovers jump out of bed with its 24 different sachets, one for each morning. Two versions of the calendar are available: one 100% Quebec; the other featuring some of Canada’s best coffee roasters, from Victoria to Halifax. Starting at $105, for sale only on the Internet. Note that delivery is free.

Tite Frette

The range of Advent calendars reaches new heights with that of the shops specializing in Quebec beers, Tite Frette. With 24 beers chosen from 24 different microbreweries, it’s a bit like Christmas every day… until Christmas! Various categories and styles for the pleasure of discovery. An “Advent scratcher” is offered with each calendar and entitles you to bonuses or discounts at the network’s thirty points of sale across Quebec. In store only, priced at $149.99.

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