The mud hut brigade opposes highways, houses, hospitals. Ignore them


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The Mud Hut Brigade is spending a while protesting everything we have to build in Ontario right now. Highways, housing and even hospitals must be closed, say environmentalists who care more about partisan politics than conservation of anything.

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It was only last June that voters in this province were asked to choose between building the infrastructure we need or listening to the demands of the environmental movement. Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats and Steven Del Duca’s Liberals fully embraced the positions of the fake green movement.

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If you hadn’t noticed, neither of them won the election and neither of them currently leads their party at Queen’s Park. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives not only won, they also won more seats than in previous elections, while telling everyone about their plans to build highways, homes and hospitals.

Now, however, we are treated to stories of how over 17,000 people signed a petition presented by the David Suzuki Foundation calling on the federal government to stop the provincial government from building Highway 413. The David Suzuki Foundation is named after the CBC jet set and country star who owned five homes while telling us to reduce our carbon footprint – but that’s okay, isn’t it?

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Earlier this year, the Suzuki Foundation sent a letter to the Ford government calling for an end to the highway. 413, gaining support from multi-home celebrities like Margaret Atwood, who has a home in downtown Toronto and a home on Lake Erie, and Chantal Kreviazuk, who likes to fly between her homes in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Michael Tibollo even won the riding of Vaughan-Woodbridge with 19,340 votes, more than the petition that got all the media attention and more than Liberal Leader Del Duca, who campaigned hard to stop the highway. PC candidates Hardeep Grewal and Graham McGregor both won in Brampton, winning seats in the NDP while campaigning vigorously for the highway.

But enough listening to voters, let’s listen to Suzuki, Atwood and Kreviazuk.

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These bogus environmentalists campaigning against 413 don’t just oppose building a freeway, they also oppose plans to build more homes or even a hospital. One of the lands the Ford government wants removed from the Greenbelt would be used to build a new hospital campus.

The proposed expansion of the Southlake Regional Health Center is unanimously supported by local council, but its location on the Greenbelt is disputed by so-called environmentalists. If you want proof that these activists are more interested in partisan politics than environmental conservation, look at their track record.


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While they’ve been busy launching campaigns against the Ford government, taking 7,400 acres out while adding 9,400 acres, they’ve been silent as the Wynne Liberals dug out the Greenbelt 17 times. Remember the outrage over Greenbelt removal of land adjacent to Bronte Creek for a big-box store in Burlington or to allow half a dozen mega-mansions in Vaughan?

They were silent then but vocal now because this is about politics, not the environment.

Ontario has a growing population, but our infrastructure and residential construction has not kept pace with that growth. The Trudeau government has said it wants to add 1.5 million people to Canada’s population through immigration by 2025 and we know the Greater Toronto Area will attract the bulk of these immigrants.

We can’t have that kind of population growth without building the infrastructure to support it.


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