The Montrealization of our campaigns

Party leaders have always spent a lot of time in Montreal during election campaigns.

Normal, the metropolis is half of Quebec.

But since a few elections, several “compulsory” activities have been added. So many appointments that have become unavoidable.

It was my esteemed colleague Martin Beaulieu, an experienced cameraman, who made the relevant remark to me recently.

This forces the chefs to stay in Montreal for several days; while the duration of campaigns is generally shorter than in the past.

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What fixed appointments? First, there are now two formal debates: the Face to face VAT and the Leaders Debate of Radio Canada.

In the past, broadcasters formed a consortium and agreed on a specific formula.

In 2007 and 2008, the exercise was held in the capital, at the National Assembly, which was a very good idea. (Besides, it would be desirable that one of the debates of 2026 be held there; it is still the seat of the National Assembly. Oh, and another could take place in the region, right?)

Since 2012, TVA has decided to operate its own type formula Face to face. And Radio-Canada has added another appointment: Five leaders, one election.

got added Everybody talks about itwhich serves as a less entangled short debate… but which still forces the chefs to stay in Montreal.


Let’s be clear: I don’t question these precious TV moments.

We must ask ourselves, however: should an election campaign be done mainly on TV and in the same city? I will be told that these are effective ways of reaching citizens, of getting them interested in the upcoming election.

Agreed, but there is also direct contact, gatherings, etc. Going to meet people everywhere, once every four years, is not a luxury, it seems to me.

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Other “fixes”

Apart from TV, new Montreal appointments are added.

The organization Force Jeunesse, which focuses on equality between generations, succeeded this year in attracting four out of five chefs to HEC. At this type of meeting, the absent leaders will always be suspected of neglecting such a cause, such a sector of activity. Which will be added in the next elections?

Other traditions invariably keep or bring the chefs back to Montreal.

They all parade, in turn, in front of the Union of Agricultural Producers in Longueuil, for example. Make a few conventional genuflections, including the profession of faith in supply management.

Same type of parade in front of the Union of Municipalities of Quebec, club of large cities. And then in front of the Quebec Federation of Municipalities, a group of MRCs and smaller towns. Two conventions taking place in… Montreal.

In front of mayors and prefects, the leaders invariably promise to put an end to « the wall-to-wall to move to tailor-made »; to value “local governments” by radically decentralizing Quebec.

And the campaigns, could they not be demonstrated just a little?


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