the Ministry of National Education will file a complaint after a leak of subjects

The Ministry of National Education announced Thursday, June 30, its intention to file a complaint after the escape of subjects from the college patent tests which take place this Friday. The backup subjects (prepared for each exam in case of problems) will be used for the history-geography and science exams on Friday due to a « proven leak »said the ministry, which will file a complaint and launch an internal administrative investigation in parallel.

According to rue de Grenelle, the leak was identified via “photos of subjects circulating on WhatsApp”. Some 850,000 candidates began the college patent examination on Thursday by working on the French and mathematics tests.

The exam is due to continue on Friday with the history-geography and moral and civic education tests and the sciences which include life and earth sciences (SVT) and technology. The college certificate, which is assessed on a total of 800 points, is based half on continuous monitoring for third graders.

The precedent of 2019

The Ministry of National Education has already been forced this year to use its section of emergency subjects for the general French baccalaureate due to an error in an examination center where the subjects initially planned had been distributed instead of those of philosophy.

In 2019, an investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office after leaks concerning the mathematics tests of the general series relayed by WhatsApp private messaging or by SMS. In the process, 21 people had been placed in police custody and four of them had been indicted, including two candidates and a supervisor.


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