the mayor cancels the wedding


Weddings are often synonymous with emotion, much less cancellation. However, this is what happened on Saturday afternoon, in the town of Illkirch-Graffenstaden (Bas-Rhin). In question: a wedding procession more than problematic, for residents and the law, report our colleagues from Latest news from Alsace.

It all started around 3 p.m., when the police received a number of calls from residents complaining about the procession of large cars in their town, these blithely flouting the Highway Code. Officers are also told that a man fired a pistol several times in the air.

A person in custody

The mayor of the town, Thibaud Philipps (R), is immediately informed, not to mention that the procession is heading towards him for the civil wedding ceremony. The chosen one specifies that the bullets are fired blanks. However, he annuls the marriage. « Everyone understands that it’s a festive and happy day, that there are honking, but I cannot tolerate the inhabitants being disturbed and frightened », explains Thibaut Philipps to our colleagues, holding « responsible » the married ones.

About fifty people were already installed in the wedding hall of the town hall. They were evacuated peacefully. Three people, present in the car from which the shots were fired, were arrested, according to the mayor. Only a 21-year-old man, suspected of having fired, would have been placed in police custody, specifies our colleagues.


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