The Longueuilloise accused of having wanted to poison Trump could accept an agreement

The lawyer for the Longueuil woman accused of sending poison to former US President Donald Trump argues that Pascale Ferrier will likely accept a plea deal.

Attorney Eugene Ohm said Thursday in Washington district court that his client still had a number of questions about the details of the offer presented by federal prosecutors.

Pascale Ferrier, 55, reportedly sent an envelope containing ricin to the White House in September 2020. She faces four federal charges in the US capital.

The plea deal would also cover the 16 federal charges Ms Ferrier faces in Texas, where she allegedly sent poison to several law enforcement officials.

Mr. Ohm indicated that he needed time to review with his client the prosecution’s complex offer of settlement.

Ms. Ferrier was deemed fit to stand trial last March. She is being held in a Washington-area jail and is expected to be back in court on January 5.

She was arrested by US customs officials in September 2020 at the Peace Bridge border crossing, which connects Fort Erie, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York. US authorities say she had a loaded semi-automatic handgun and nearly 300 cartridges in her vehicle at the time.

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