The LNHB, a story of passion for Alex Burrows

At the end of a successful second season of the National Ball Hockey League (NHLB), President Alex Burrows praised the work of a passionate team that over the past few months had to overcome the obstacles thrown up by the pandemic in order to keep the project alive.

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Announced on February 26, 2020, the LNHB had not yet presented its first game which it had to, like the rest of the world, take the shock of the COVID-19. The first season was therefore cancelled.

Several companies from many spheres of society have suffered from health measures. But the team led by Burrows never gave up. Determined, she allowed in 2021 the presentation of a first campaign limited by the bans on travel between regions and gatherings, and finally of a more normal first season this year.

« It was definitely difficult, » Burrows said in a phone interview. We have a good team, several people passionate about the project. Obviously, it wasn’t the effort of a single person, but that of an entire team that made it possible. Our 12 teams have several good things to say about the league, it went really well and the players are satisfied.

Expansion in sight?

The second season of the NHLB came to an end on Saturday with the Granby Mustangs winning the Legend Cup by virtue of a 7-5 victory against the Pro Style Lettrage of Lévis in the fifth and final game of the final.

Quickly, the time will come to take stock and discuss the future. Burrows’ speech is optimistic and he even ventured to speak of expansion.

“We will sit down next week to see if we have things to improve, he explained. There may be an expansion in the near future. But overall, we are very satisfied. We want to grow the sport, give it visibility and make it the national sport of Quebec during the summer period.

Place at the CH

Burrows will obviously turn to the Montreal Canadiens in September by virtue of his role as assistant coach of Martin St-Louis. His two terms keep him busy and the former striker believes he has all the tools to manage his schedule well.

“Good employees, a good team, that helps, that’s for sure and certain, he declared. I am able to find the time to juggle it all. [Samedi]there is [eu] the last game of the final. There are two weeks left until rookie camp in Buffalo. We then start a season of 82 games again and we can’t wait for it to start.


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