The little priests against Halloween


A few years ago, at the beginning of December, some controversies surrounding the celebration of Christmas took shape.

Did we still have the right to say Merry Christmas, or did we now have to say Happy Holidays, so as not to exclude non-Christian immigrants? Should we even celebrate this holiday?

The controversy, over time, has calmed down a bit, without completely disappearing. It can always rebound.

But the war of symbols has shifted to a new celebration. I’m obviously talking about Halloween with, now, the annual costume quarrel!

It can be summed up as follows: which costumes should be banned to avoid falling into cultural appropriation? What outfits should be banned to avoid offending this or that minority?


In recent years, prohibitions have multiplied.

It is no longer possible, for example, to dress up as Pocahontas, to appropriate the dreads or anything that refers to a “racialized” ethnic identity.

We will also ban the costumes of priests, because for many it would represent a traumatic figure from which it would be necessary to move away.

But we have to go further, and these days, we learned that a new costume was banned: that of the sexy nurse! Apparently it would be a disrespectful costume!

It will be difficult not to see here a manifestation of the war on desire between men and women, led by neo-feminism which sees the culture of rape manifesting itself everywhere, and which each time assimilates the man to an aggressor and the woman to a victim. The latter would be even more so when she sought to please the man, even to titillate him.

It must be said that we are entering a world where the slightest look of desire can be interpreted as a form of aggression falling under “sexual and gender-based violence”.

A new puritanism is revealed here, which comes from the United States and intends to impose a new, particularly repressive morality, both in the name of diversity and of a society freed from sexual alienation.

Multiculturalism and feminism come together to give birth to a very repressive, fundamentally religious morality.

The party becomes suspect, the disguise becomes an aggression, and everyone locks himself in his offended sensibility.

The tyranny of the susceptible sets in and generates a boring society, where the smallest thoughts will be watched, where ulterior motives – even more so – will be searched, in search of residual prejudices from the world of yesterday, in search of a desire that will have to be punished with a sermon. I pity the youth socialized in this sad world.


Make no mistake: this controversy around Halloween is essential. Because it is precisely by seizing the symbols associated with popular culture that the woke revolution confirms its hold on our lives and allows itself to swaddle our lives in increasingly numerous and increasingly strict rules.

This world of tight asses is stifling, lacking in levity, awash in the spirit of seriousness, is foreign to humor and the second degree and gives immense power to a new morality police a thousand times more stifling than the clergy of yesteryear.


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