The Liberal leader assures that other veterans of the Liberal Party continue to support her formation.

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade on Friday downplayed the support given to the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) by veteran Liberal Yvon Vallières, who served for thirty years in the National Assembly.

The support of Mr. Vallières to the caquiste candidate in Arthabaska Éric Lefebvre was announced Thursday. The CAQ broadcast a video showing them both, in which the former Liberal minister praises the qualities of the outgoing MP.

Ms. Anglade said Friday that the support of former elected officials was not lacking in the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ).

“I see that we bring together a lot of people who are long-time Liberals as well as people who have not been Liberals in the past and who decide to join us, she said. Obviously Mr. Vallières is free to make his choices. »

Ms. Anglade highlighted the presence of former Liberal ministers Margaret Delisle, Yves Bolduc, Luc Fortin and Norm MacMillan at election events. « I’m going to tell you about veterans, » she said before listing them.

After the Outaouais, where she had been since Thursday, the Liberal leader is campaigning Friday in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Events are planned in the riding of Abitibi-Est.

No travel is on the menu in the riding of Rouyn-Noranda — Témiscamingue, where the CAQ presents Daniel Bernard, a former Liberal MP who had managed to get elected twice in the governments of Jean Charest.

To the local media, Mr. Bernard explained when his candidacy was announced that he had first chosen the PLQ for its program for the regions, then the CAQ for the same reason.

Ms. Anglade was not formalized to see an ex-liberal opt for the program of his opponents rather than for his charter of the regions, with which she hopes to make a breakthrough outside the major centers, where his training is mainly concentrated.

“I invite him to read this charter of the regions”, she contented herself with saying.

Childcare services

The PLQ has made a commitment to create 15,000 additional places in daycare services at $8.70 for all children within five years. The training considers that this addition to the 37,000 places announced recently is necessary to achieve its objective of offering a place at a reduced rate to the 52,000 children waiting.

A Liberal government would make access to a daycare place at $8.70 a day a right for all Quebecers, just like the right to attend an educational establishment. This objective will be achieved in five years, promised the liberal leader Dominique Anglade.

Just before the start of the election campaign, the CAQ had announced the conversion of places in private childcare services into subsidized places at $8.70.

Ms. Anglade estimated that this announcement will not eliminate the waiting list.

“If we want to be able to guarantee the law, we have to be able to create these places. It takes conversion and it also takes us creating the 15,000 spaces to get there,” she said.

This measure, included in the platform unveiled by the PLQ in June, was integrated into the “Portfolio Plan” with which the Liberals are campaigning on the theme of the fight against inflation.

The PLQ believes that it is possible to finance this commitment with federal transfers of $6 billion over five years.

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